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Sample SEO Analysis

I was going through some old documents and came across this SEO analysis I did for a company almost 3 years ago. Its interesting as I still provide seo analysis similar to these in many ways but also different in many ways. They never proceeded forward with an SEO campaign and I just checked their website which still does not appear to have good rankings, although much better than when I checked them out 3 years ago. Check it out if you are interested to see an actual one I wrote up several years ago:

Initial SEO Suggestions
Prepared by: Eric Morgan

Here is a breakdown of the different phases of internet marketing I would suggest. They are not in any particular order and the difficulty of implementation varies. These are just some initial suggestions after a quick glance at your website. I hope they will prove useful in your internet marketing efforts.
Note: this document is written for users who have some experience with HTML, if you would like a more detailed plan feel free to request one.

• Keyword Analysis: Perform a keyword analysis, identifying the words that your potential customers use when searching for ski packages. I would rate keywords in relevancy, number of searches, narrowness (is it specific or general?), and target market. This is one of the most important steps leading to a successful search engine optimization campaign and is too detailed to go over in this document; if you want further information on this I would be happy to provide it to you.

• Meta Tags: None of your pages have meta data, this is extremely important to include. I would suggest making the meta data unique to each individual page with a direct correlation to text found on the page as well as the targeted keywords. The meta title is the most important meta tag and should be used carefully. Below is a listing of actually words found on the main page, I would suggest making targeted keywords appear in the text as these words do:

Total words : 9
Word Count Density
colorado 7 8.75 %
snow 5 6.25 %
resort 5 6.25 %
shore 4 5.00 %
west 4 5.00 %
park 4 5.00 %
city 3 3.75 %
resorts 3 3.75 %
valley 3 3.75 %

• Content Improvement: “Content is King”, this is almost always true. The best method of building a successful internet marketing campaign is to fill the website with useful information that people are seeking for.

• Directory Submissions: does not appear in the DMOZ directory, this directory is the most important to maintain a listing in to have a successful marketing campaign, plus it is free. Another useful directory to consider is, but it costs slightly more.

• Inbound Links: I suggest that you spend a considerable amount of time getting other sites to link to your site. This can be done via directory submissions, link exchanges, publishing useful information on your website, service review, press releases, competition analysis, etc. Your website does not have very many incoming links as of now. If your incoming links improves this could greatly improve your search engine ranking positions as well as attract website visitors directly from the links.

Search Engine Incoming Links Found
Google 1
Yahoo! 19
AltaVista 19
Lycos/MSN 11
All The Web 18
Average 13.6

• Graphics/CSS/Scripts: I would suggest minimizing the use of graphics and scripting languages. Where it is possible I would replace graphics with html text and css to maintain the same look and feel of the website, this will help search engines find more information about your website. HTML is preferred over scripting languages when there is no need for the scripting language.

• Sitemap: Yahoo only has 1 page indexed. Although Google listed 7 pages within, none had descriptions because the search engines are not picking up any text. More pages need to be indexed by the search engines, the best way to do this is make a sitemap page that links all pages in one place and get rid of graphics/scripting languages.

• Conduct an industry and competitor analysis: In order to create an effective marketing campaign you should thoroughly understand your competitors, customers, and industry. Analyze competitor websites, market share, comparable products, customer behaviors, supply-demand, etc. If you understand what your clients need and the position of the competition you can take full advantage of the internet.

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