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Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Search Engine Marketing or PPC
SEM is the strategy and execution of purchasing advertising from search engines. This is done in the form of keyword and key phrase purchases directly from the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

What Are the Benefits of Managing PPC Campaigns
Having a professional who has years of experience manage, update, and modify your PPC campaigns can have a very positive result – especially if you have not employed the use of a professional in the past or you are starting a brand new PPC campaign.  It is not uncommon to have a 100-200% increase in ROI for PPC campaigns after a few months of professional PPC management.

PPC Management Example

Check out this real example below from one of our clients.  When we took over their campaign within only 2-3 months we had increased the number of leads and the quality of leads per month while at the same time reducing their budget by almost half!  Even better the client had never received an actual sale from the leads until the campaigns were tweaked (this example is a high ticket investment service example of a $20-100,000 product) The service paid for itself very easily.

Avg Cost Per Click: $15.32 vs. $43.56

Avg Leads Per Month: 73 vs. 58

Total Cost: $1,118 vs. $2,439

Sales Per Month: 0 vs. 2-3

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of PPC

PPC, or search engine marketing, is a great short-term strategy for most companies.  Some great aspects of PPC is that you can immediately start and stop the services at any time with no delay or waiting that is common with SEO.  It is a great online marketing addition to SEO and is very useful in helping to determine which long-term keyword phrases to target in a SEO campaign.  However PPC generally has a lower ROI when compared to SEO and the benefits are short-lived; once you turn PPC off you will no longer receive website traffic.  PPC can also be somewhat expensive and unadvisable for specific industries.  The best way to know if PPC would be a good option for you or if another online marketing route may be better is to ask a PPC expert.