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SEO Friendly Footers

This is an SEO strategy I used last week that takes less than five minutes to implement and can have a very positive result in regards to rankings in search engines.

The footer on my employer’s company website contained a copyright statement and sometimes some other links. Some websites have a two line footer where one line has links and the other has only to the copyright. Adding a company description to your footer is an easy way to implement an seo strategy that is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. Here is the example:

Previous footer: © 2007 Twelve Horses

New SEO-Friendly Footer: © Copyright 2007 Twelve Horses – A Web Design, Development & Search Engine Optimization Company in Reno & Utah

It usually works best when you have the text-only portion of the footer fit on one line. Here is why this is useful to SEO:

1. Our website is focused on providing web design, web development, seo or search engine optimization, email marketing, and social marketing services. Although this is a very long list sometimes you have to pick and choose what you can fit in a footer. The above example ensures that every single page of the website contains the keyword phrases of ‘web design, development, and search engine optimization’. This will help the search engines recognize that our website is related to those keywords since they appear on every webpage. This SEO strategy not only assists search engines in recognizing the services we provide but also educates human web visitors as well. If a website visitor can not determine what our website offers they general do one of two actions: leave or look in the footer for an ‘about us’ link. Having this company description in the footer ensures that if they do glance at the footer they will be able to know what the website is about without having to click to another page.

2. The above example also contains ‘Reno and Utah‘ in the description. We have our main office in Reno, Nevada with a secondary office in Salt Lake City, Utah. Having these terms in the footer lets the search engines know what geographic area our website provides web services in. You may be wondering why the footer contains Reno (a city) and Utah (a state). Through some keyword research it was discovered that people in Salt Lake City generally search for ‘utah [keyword]’ rather than ’salt lake city [keyword]’, possibly because Salt Lake City is too long and time-consuming to type and ‘Utah’ only has one major metropolitan area which is Salt Lake City. On the other hand the state of Nevada has several metropolitan areas such as Reno, Las Vegas, etc. which are spread out from each other. From keyword research we discovered citizens of Nevada are more likely to type in the major metropolitan area they are in compared to just ‘Nevada [keyword]’. This also provides website visitors information on the geographic area the company is based in by glancing at the footer.

I hope this information was useful.

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