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SEO Guide

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of gaining natural or organic rankings in search engines for selected keyword phrases that are related to your website or business. This process typically involves three core components including website HTML, website content, and backlinks to your website. While many other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies simply guarantee greater web traffic, we focus on getting you the best possible return on investment (ROI) through careful strategic planning and in-depth reporting.

More of your traffic will convert into a sale or lead more often by identifying the best possible strategies to pursue, and then supporting those strategies with solid reporting, continual feedback, and a wide array of accompanying web products and web services. A comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will produce a dramatic and sustainable increase in qualified web traffic and conversions for your business.

SEO Consulting vs. SEO Full Service Packages

Adaptivity Pro has two popular SEO services. The first is a SEO consulting or advice package. This SEO service includes researching and analyzing your website on a monthly basis to see what SEO action tasks would have the strongest impact on your online marketing efforts at that particular time. Following the analysis you will be provided with a list of specific examples and information on how to implement the advice on your own. The consulting package is popular for those have a tight budget or want to train someone in-house on SEO best practices.

The other SEO service is a full-service SEO package. This package is similar to the consulting package except we will execute all suggested SEO tasks with your approval. This will involve a team of SEO experts, copywriters, link builders, web designers, website programmers, project managers, and more. You will usually need to give your SEO company ftp access to your website in order to make updates to your website. This package is an ideal fit if you want to get an effective SEO campaign up and going with minimal effort on your end.

Common SEO Services

Keyword search volume
Keyword relevancy to your business
Keyword use in title tag
Keyword use in main copy
Overall copy theme in main text body
H1, H2, H3 keyword use
Domain name keyword use
Keywords in URL
Alt tag keyword use
Bolding or italicize keywords
Overall website theme
Internal linking structure
Relevance of outgoing links
Number of incoming links
Anchor text of incoming links
Relevance of incoming links
Number of new incoming links added
Text surrounding links on external website
Links from government or educational websites
Age of outgoing and incoming links
Google pagerank factor
Page Factors
How old the webpage or website is
Overall amount of text
Content quality (unique, informative)
How often your website is updated
Number of directories in URL
Spelling and grammar
HTML w3c standard
How often new webpages are added
Keyword text placement
XML sitemap active
HTML sitemap visible
Main navigation text
Number of indexed pages by search engines
Common SEO Problems
Heavy use of flash
Duplicate content
Search engine bots can’t crawl the website
Title tags and meta descriptions empty
Links from link farms/spam sites
Duplicate title tags on all pages
Keyword stuffing or spamming
No incoming links
Brand new website
Not enough information or content
No web analytics installed
Too much javascript when not necessary