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SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible Book Review

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible by Jerri L. Ledford
SEO - Search Engine Optimization Bible Book

So a co-worker of mine bought this book because he wanted to learn more about SEO and asked me to review it for him to see if it was any good.  Man – was I disappointed.  It was so bad I actually told him to not even waste his time reading it and to get a different book.

First off almost all the book is about PPC, not even about SEO – and they are totally different online marketing strategies, similar but very different.  I was expecting it to be only about SEO with maybe one chapter on PPC, but as I flipped through I kept seeing PPC everywhere.

Next most of the advice is very dated.  There were a few chapters that were good, but they were the exception.  Also it lacks specific examples and pieces of advice.  It goes over topics in such broad detail if you were not familiar with SEO it would leave you sitting there to wonder “thats great, but how in the world do I actually implement some of this advice?”

If you are new or experienced to SEO this is not the book to buy.  It is too vague, jumps around from topic to topic too much, and should be titled “The SEO and PPC Bible” since it covers so many topics specific to PPC.

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