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What is SEO Copywriting?

Search Engine Optimization copywriting is a strategic process of writing website content that is at once impressive to your website visitors and is enables high rankings within the search engines. This is achieved ethically by providing, “useful content.” This webpage is a good example of SEO copywriting; it is giving you useful information about a subject of interest and simultaneously providing valuable content for search engines to index within their databases.

What is the Difference Between Web Copyrwriting and SEO Copywriting?

There is a subtle, yet important difference between standard website copywriting and writing copy that is enhanced to perform from an SEO perspective. The critical first step is to determine the appropriate keyword phrase(s) to use within the copy. For example, if I am a freelance web copywriter and want to provide that service to more clients I would research the most extensively-searched phrase. If I determine people are searching more for “SEO Utah copywriting” than “web Utah copywriting”, I would want to develop content that is specific to “SEO” rather than “web”. In reality, this paragraph could be revamped, replacing “SEO” with “web” throughout and it would read just fine with the same useful information. But, because we want to focus on potential search engine optimization clients like you, we want to use “SEO”. For a more in-depth explanation, please contact us.

Need a Freelance Web Copywriter ?

Ultimately, SEO copywriting is determining what people are searching for and then writing web content to fulfill that need. Another simple example might be a real estate agent. Should our research determine that more people are using the term “home” rather than “house”, which word would you want to appear with more frequency on your website? Both words have essentially the same meaning, but choosing to focus on one or the other could spell the difference between success and failure with your SEO marketing campaign.

If you are interested in hiring a freelance SEO copywriter, please contact us. We will revamp your website content, improving its effectiveness upon the search engines and your website visitors. This is one way to increase traffic, improve conversions and build profits.

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