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Shumway Van & Hansen

Shumway Van & Hansen provides a wide array of legal services, primarily through their offices in Utah, California, Nevada and Texas. It was founded in 2008 with a commitment towards providing outstanding legal services for affordable prices. Clients can come to Shumway Van & Hansen for their various legal requirements covering the following practices:

–  Bankruptcy. Whether one needs to declare a Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Shumway Van & Hansen has bankruptcy specialists to help one get into a more stable financial position.

–  Construction Law. Shumway Van & Hansen can provide legal advice and services covering various aspects of the construction process including:

–  Corporate law. The firm’s services cover legal advice and transactional services to help in the set up and operations of a business entity.

–  Tax and Estate Planning. Services can run the gamut of advising clients about entity related planning, drafting wills, pre-nuptial agreements or post-marital agreements and setting up trust agreements. Shumway Van & Hansen has the expertise and experience in helping provide the balance between control, income and tax liability.

–  Family Law. This includes the filing of divorce, negotiations covering alimony, property division, child custody and support, as well as litigation for domestic violence and other family-related issues.

–  Personal Injury Law. Shumway Van & Hansen ensures that personal injury victims are able to claim fair and just compensation for their injuries.

–  Litigation. The firm’s team of seasoned trial lawyers is there to help file well-studied, well-established civil or commercial lawsuits to ensure that the client’s legal and business objectives are advocated throughout the entirety of the case or upon its settlement with the other party.

–  Real Estate. The firm can provide legal services in the acquisition and disposition of real estate properties, be these commercial, raw land, residential or multifamily projects. This includes the drafting, review and negotiation of real estate-related documents and due diligence covering lien, litigation searches, land use and other concerns. The firm also helps provide risk management advice by providing reviews and analyses of possible risks and liabilities so that clients can be protected against indemnity, acquire the necessary insurance coverage and have a plan as to how to effectively resolve any disputes. Shumway Van & Hansen can also represent entities such as landlords, homeowners, lenders, borrowers and tenants for various workouts and commercial remedies covering a particular piece of real estate.

–  Securities Law. The firm can get involved in helping the client not just in drafting securities-related documents, but also in identifying opportunities for them to grow.

Shumway Van & Hansen also provides pro bono services to individuals, as well as to non-profit organizations and community groups.

About Adaptivity Pro

Adaptivity Pro, like Shumway Van & Hansen, is committed to a company’s growth. However, its concentration is in helping grow the business via the Internet and related services such as Utah web design, web analytics and SEO. With Mr. Eric Morgan at the helm as President and CEO, Adaptivity Pro has been in the forefront of Internet-driven marketing campaigns and strategies. The SLC, Utah web design company works on an organization’s needs and business goals in order to identify how the Internet can be leveraged to help accomplish these goals. Adaptivity Pro boasts of a team of skilled SLC web designers, programmers, SEO analysts and copy writers to help usher an organization into hyper-growth mode.

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