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A Simple SEO Strategy You’ve Never Thought About: Your Website Footer

There is one very simple and discreet area that you can use in a SEO strategy to increase your search engine rankings. Your website footer.

Usually, the footer on a website will consist of a copyright statement and some other main links. Including a company statement in a footer is a simple SEO strategy that takes very little time. For example:

Before: © 2011 Adaptivity Pro Corporation

After: © Copyright 2011 Adaptivity Pro – A Web Design, Development & Search Engine Optimization Company in Salt Lake City, Utah

It is best to try fitting all the text onto one line. This new footer accomplishes several things:

  1. This website or business provides Salt Lake City web design, web development, Utah SEO or search engine optimization, email marketing, and social marketing services. Sometimes you will have to determine what to keep or leave out in a footer. The example given above essentially makes it so that every single page of your website automatically has the keywords ‘web design,’ ‘development,’ and ‘search engine optimization.’ Since the keywords are on every page, the search engine will recognize that this website is connected to those terms. This simple strategy is also useful to human web visitors. Whenever a visitor has a hard time figuring out what a website is about, they typically either, leave the website, or look for an “About Us” link in the footer. Having a company statement in the footer thereby accomplishes the task of quickly informing a visitor what the site is all about.
  2. Note that the example footer above also has “Salt Lake City, Utah” in the sentence. This is because Adaptivity Pro is located in Salt Lake City, UT. Placing these terms in the footer lets the search engines know what geographic area this website is associated with. The reason why a city is used for one location and the state is used for the other is simply another matter of Utah SEO. It was discovered through keyword research that showed people in Salt Lake City typically searched for the keyword “Utah” instead of “salt lake city” possibly because Utah really only has one major metropolitan area, or because Salt Lake City is just too long to type out. This strategy takes only a couple of minutes to put in place on your website. For such a simple strategy, it can have a very big effect.

If you would like further information, just post a comment and let us know. We would be happy to share more.

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