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How A Small Business Can Give Back to the Community

Small businesses may not come with the big budget of a larger company, but they can be just as effective in helping the community, even with a lower profit margin or limited resources.

Giving back to the community as a local business is not only the right thing to do to help your consumers, but it’s good for your business too. People want to support local and giving them every reason to choose you over your competition works in your favor. See below for some great ways your company can help.

If you can’t volunteer money, volunteer products or services. One of the best things you can give someone is your time, especially if that time benefits a local charity or community outreach program. Offering your services for free can help cut the costs for a local charity that may be running on a very tight budget, and bring in great supporters for your business. If you can’t give time, consider providing free products to be used in things like auctions for local charitable events, or as part of care packages for a homeless shelter to be given out to those in need.

Use your media resources to promote donations. If you have a social media account with a large following, have your Salt Lake City SEO firm create several posts that promote a specific charity or event that your company sponsors, and direct them to your website to make a donation or sign up to participate. Once they are on your site, your UT web designer can incorporate an easy-to-find section to make contributions, and then be invited to have a look at your site.

Utilize your local community workforce. If you want to mentor a younger generation, start by employing them in your business storefront. By giving jobs to the local youth, you are not only keeping them out of trouble, but you are teaching them strong work ethic, how to value money earned and how a business operates. Many business owners started out working as teenagers in a small business themselves to learn “the ropes.”

Sponsor events or a local class. Students are often raising money for charities as a way to have community service, or raising money for the school itself to update the technology or provide much-needed supplies. By sponsoring a local charity event, you lend your money, time and name to a specific charity in exchange for the publicity of your good deed. If you decide to sponsor a class or school, you are committing to helping them reach their goal.


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