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Small Business SEO Tips

Every small business needs its own website. This is a great way to let the world know what your business is all about. With today’s technology, it is often even possible for your small business to draw in clients from all over the world. For instance, if your online store sells office furniture, Obagi skin cream or rents self storage units, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to sell your goods and services to someone in Miami as well as Dallas.

But how will potential customers find your website with so many out there? That’s the question many small business owners are asking themselves. One of the big answers is SEO, but there’s a lot more to SEO than just optimizing your text. Though many small businesses are currently having their website content rewritten to include valuable keywords for their site, that’s only the beginning.

Your business may be able to sell to consumers all over the world, but the first clients you should market to are local. It’s important to do a good job of optimizing for local searches. You can do a lot of the leg work yourself and you really should do this so that you know a little something about how keywords and search engine optimizing work. Below are a few great tips to help you get going in the right direction:

  1. Sit down with pin and paper and do some brain storming. What are the words or phrases that a user might type into their browser when searching for your business?

Example: Let’s say your business sells sports trading pins in Utah. A user might type:

  1. Sign up on Google Adwords. There you’ll find a wealth of information about how keywords work and how to generate your own list. Wordtracker is another good tool that allows you to generate keyword lists, but there is a monthly charge for this service.
  2. Type in the keywords you’ve come up with for your site and see who’s on that first page of the results. Study their META titles and descriptions. Sometimes people rewrite the content on their site but neglect to optimize their META titles and descriptions.
  3. Stay up to date on how SEO works and any changes Google or others might make that could affect your site.
  4. Hire professional copywriters to rewrite your text, titles and descriptions. Don’t try to do this yourself. Having professionally written content is key to looking like an expert to the world.

If you find that you just don’t have time to do all the research and stay on top of changing times, then you might consider hiring a Utah SEO expert like Adaptivity Pro. At Adaptivity Pro, we will optimize your site, titles and descriptions and even tweak your coding to ensure that your website ranks high with all search engines. Our customer’s websites traditionally rank very high on the SERP’s. Being on the first page of the SERP’s equates to more sales and bigger sales.

You’ve got a business to run and may not have time to post fresh content to your site each week. Adaptivity Pro works with a team of professional copywriters who give you interesting, well-written articles each week for your blog. This is a great way to draw in new visitors. Adaptivity Pro also gives you amazing high-end Utah web design. Let us help you grow your business to the next level. We offer friendly customer service and affordable rates.

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