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How Social Media Benefits Marketing

Social media is a relatively new concept, even if it feels as if it’s been a part of daily life for a long time now. What was once limited to a younger generation has expanded to include people from all walks and stages of life, making it one of the best ways to reach a broad audience with modern marketing.

Salt Lake City SEO, search engine optimization, relies on all facets of a business marketing to increase what is called “organic traffic,” meaning a natural method to bring in more consumers and mouse clicks. Social media is just one way to expand your reach, but it has so many more benefits. See below for some great examples.

Increase consumer loyalty. By making your brand more recognizable to consumers through social media, you create a connection with those that choose to follow your brand. You can also increase loyalty by humanizing your company. Social media is the best platform to highlight employees or charitable causes the company supports, as well post real-life reviews from actual customers.

Increase more brand authority. The more interaction you have with social media and consumers, the more likely they are to sing your praises via the media platform. Social media also has significant influencers who have formed a reputation for being in-the-know of particular brands or trends. If you can collaborate with one of these influencers, your brand will become the authority on whatever product or service you offer, and often increase sales and enhance your good reputation.

The cost of social media marketing is low. Hiring an overall marketing firm such as a Utah web design company can help to build a cohesive look among all of your platforms. Social media platforms are free to use and can offer special paid services to businesses to increase their productivity. Even these paid services are often at a low cost compared to traditional marketing, and combined with the ease of use of these sites makes it a no-brainer when trying to increase brand awareness.

It’s easy to run promotions. By its very nature, social media makes viral marketing organic and simple. Promotions and giveaways can become one of your most valuable forms of marketing, because they encourage new consumers to try your products, and could get them hooked enough to become loyal customers. With the added benefit of having your consumer base work for you with sharing and “likes,” it’s easy to have your advertising reach a much larger customer base.

Improve search engine rankings. Creating a strong web presence is crucial to modern marketing. To outdo competition and be recognized a legitimate brand, it’s essential that the search engine rankings have your company listed as one of the top-ranked. Search engines such as Google determine this by site visits but are also starting to take into account social media presence because most major brands are now active. The more you use your social media, the more organic traffic will push your rankings to the top.


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