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Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a way for people to communicate and share media using interactive online software tools. It is defined by its interactivity, on-demand availability and opt-in nature which lets users participate in dialogue, freely view, share and adapt media to their own needs and seek out the information that is relevant to them.

Unlike traditional media, Social Media is always on and never expires. It is a powerful venue where you can communicate directly with your audience and reach new customers.

Social Media Marketing Includes:

Social Strategy

Adaptivity Pro has the experience with Social Media, social networks, and viral video to create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for your brand. Your online presence must be managed in alignment with the continuing PR and marketing goals of your company while staying true to your brand identity. Creating a social media strategy that integrates the best services available will give your brand a wide reach.

Adaptivity Pro can consult with you to create an optimized, unified and coordinated Social Media strategy that will function with and enhance your SEO, SEM and traditional PR and give your brand a strong and effective presence online. Through the use of Blogs, Video, Photos, Forums and Communities you can communicate with your customers, receive and respond to feedback, and allow your customers to self- resolve technical issues and review and promote your products.

Social Media PR

New press release strategies need to include messages direct to the Social Media outlets (bloggers and customers) as well as access to Social Media and the web tools in a way that is easy to understand and re-post, and is transparent.

Adaptivity Pro can put a social media PR strategy and infrastructure in place for you to get timely, focused and media rich PR in the hands of people who will help distribute your message.

Social Media PR can include any of the following:

Social Distribution

Social Media is about creating as many links to your content and products as possible, providing your customers with many ways to find and interact with your brand online.

There are so many platforms and formats and services on the web it’s hard to decide which one is right for your Social Media strategy. The answer is ALL OF THEM, or as many as possible, or maybe only a targeted few. In some cases a branded video site is the best option to let you use Social Media strategies in a limited or private community.

Providing your customers viewing, sharing, interaction and subscription options let’s them view it and use it on their terms and schedule.

But uploading, managing optimizing and tracking a dozen different video channels is tough. Adaptivity Pro has tools, skills and experiences to facilitate media distribution for you.

Search Options

Having content distributed to multiple multiple Social Media sites will expand your relevance in site-specific searches providing more links back to your content and products.

Community Management

Integral to managing a community is being an active participant in it. Social Media experts at Adaptivity Pro have the knowledge and experience to interact with your community in a way that will stabilize the dialogue, increase the appeal and enhance your brand.

Community Management involves the following:

Content is King.

Social Media necessitates a commitment to ongoing content production. Since Social Media is time-line based, old content is of less importance than new content, and infrequently updated content is less attractive than regular content. Adaptivity Pro can manage and/or assist in the creation and maintenance of the Social Media accounts and profiles.

You can’t post the same message to a blog, micro-blog, forum, and social network. Adaptivity Pro Creative Team has the experience to create messages and content that will create positive and accurate first impressions on these platforms and develop those impressions into relationships.

Viral Videos

From quick and dirty point and shoots to full scale productions, video and podcasts are the media formats that engage people with brands most effectively in an online environment.

It doesn’t matter where it comes from, but the idea has to be good and the message has to be true. Adaptivity Pro can get your media out and exposed to as many eyes as possible. We can produce videos, shoot photos, create podcasts, and cover events.

Copy & Content

Writing for social media is not like writing an advertorial for the local Business Magazine. At the same time you can’t just throw up random thoughts and ill conceived rants. Your online identity depends on an authentic and compelling and interactive voice. Adaptivity Pro has the writing skill and experience with social media interaction to take opportunities as they arise and create compelling public-facing content channels across the various social media platforms.

Copy needs for Social Media can include:

Search Optimization

Managing content effectively will increase your company’s relevance with search services and allow you to take the lead on information distribution.

If for instance you have or are affected by a crisis or news item, posting information about it to to Social Media Channels will insure that your message is heard when your customers search for it. Distributing that information on all available networks ensures that you reach your whole audience.