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Social Media Trends for Summer 2018

Social media is one of the hottest ways to communicate with peers, businesses and professionals in the digital age. Even though social media isn’t such a novelty anymore, in marketing, it’s still a relatively new concept that has yet to be mastered and thoroughly explored.

One thing that any Utah SEO company will tell you is that social media is going to be a huge part of marketing today and in the future, so taking advantage of it in your business strategy is a smart move. See below if you are interested in the trends that Salt Lake City web design companies are noticing in the next summer months.

There could be as many 3 billions users on social media in the next three years. The sheer number of users on these sites makes your audience one of the largest it could ever be, as well as global. Not only does social media advertising cost very little (if anything!) comparatively to traditional marketing, but it increases your traffic much more organically and creates brand loyalty. Media theory states that word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to increase customers, and social media makes the users do the work for you.

Connecting is easier than ever with direct messaging applications. Messenger apps are continuing to grow as one of the most used tools in smartphones, and businesses can greatly benefit from these easy tools. Being readily available as a customer service to answer questions, field complaints or receive praise is very important to consumers these days. Most of the buying is done online, so it only makes sense that consumers would want to return to that user-friendly platform when communicating with a business.

Videos will continue to be the most engaging. Video posts are more likely to be viewed, shared or liked more than most other social media posts. Engaging content is one of the biggest draws that any smart company can have when designing a marketing strategy. Bring consumers to your site with your content, and they will stay and shop. Consider using video in your campaigns to increase your viewership, and therefore increase your social media following.

Chatbots are becoming more popular. Chatbots, or artificial intelligence programs that communicate with customers via audio or text, are becoming a valuable part of streamlining everything from marketing to customer service or even accepting payments. Many consumers feel pretty positive about these easy experiences as well, with only about 11% reporting a negative experience. Don’t be so quick to rid yourself of a valued live staff just yet, though. Talking with a live person is sometimes the only effective way to show a consumer that you are listening, and truly care about their question or concern.

Social media going mobile will make purchasing easy on the go. Most social media users are accessing the sites through a smartphone application or a mobile website, and we are living in an age where people are glued to their phones. With social media going mobile, your mobile site needs to be up to par, and easy to use.


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