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Some SEO Considerations for E-Commerce Websites

Based on recent statistics from, global B2C e-commerce is expected to grow into a sizable $1.92 trillion by the year 2016. Who does not want to have their share of this huge and highly lucrative pie?  E-commerce specialists will readily agree that e-commerce is one of the best things to happen to retail. People can now shop while riding on the bus, waiting for their commuter train or during their down times at home.

However, with the opportunities presented by E-commerce also come its challenges. First, you need to build a robust and high-usable system that is designed for both desktop users and mobile users (or perhaps build a separate website for each). Next, you need to draw potential customers to your store. With the vast number of e-commerce sites vying for the customers’ attention, you need to make and implement a sound SEO strategy.

Here are some considerations for you to take note of:


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