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SpeedPPC Review – PPC Management Software

SpeedPPC is a desktop application that helps manage PPC campaigns for Google adwords and MSN Adcenter. I was very excited when I first learned about the software and what it claimed it could do; however after using it for a few weeks I have mixed feelings.

Creating Comprehensive Longtail Keyword Lists

This software basically lets you create hundreds of keyword combinations based on combining keyword lists. As a simple example look at the following:

Seed List -> Web, Website, Internet, Online
Expansion List -> Design, Marketing
Final List -> Web Design, Web Marketing, Website Design, Website Marketing, Internet Design, Internet Marketing, Online Design, Online Marketing

There is an immense possibility for what you can do with this portion of the software, but it does has limitations. In this simple example above you have a few keyword phrases that don’t really mesh well together such as ‘internet design, online design’; so you have to be careful in which words you select as you can’t exclude specific terms from the output. Once you have finalized your list you hit a button and it generates the text to copy and paste into your Google Adwords editor to upload to your campaigns.

Custom PPC Ads

The next useful part of the software is the ability to create custom text ads. This is in the Google Adwords format, notice the customizable options such as {seed}, {final}, etc. as keywords which I will explain below. Here is an example:

{Seed} Services!
If you are looking for {final} then you came to the right place.{seed}expansion={expansion}final={final}

With the above example when you generate the ad for a specific keyword phrase, we’ll use ‘website design’ for example, it will fill in the blanks if you look at the seed, expansion, and final keyword combinations in the first part of the post. So for the example of ‘website design’ it would generate this:

Website Services!
If you are looking for website design then you came to the right place.”website”expansion=”design”final=”website design”

Custom PPC Landing Pages

The last part is the url and landing page. You notice it is a dynamic landing page and with some simple php scripts you can insert the seed, expansion, or final keword phrases on the landing page which changed dynamically based on what the user searched for to find you. So you could have the heading change depending on the final search phrase. So if they search for ‘website design’ that will be the heading on the page, if they search for ‘online marketing’ that will be the heading on the page, etc.

SpeedPPC Pros

This software is awesome for creating very specific and dynamic campaigns in Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter. It does an excellent job of setting up custom landing pages for your campaigns without a ton of effort.

SpeedPPC Cons

This software is not for someone who does not know at least basic HTML or have a technical background. It does take a while to get the idea of what the software can do and use it effectively. It has limitations on the keyword phrases you can use because of creating some undesirable combinations such as in our above example of ‘online design’. If you do have to make some changes you have to delete everything and re-upload the entire PPC campaign which I do not necessarily like.

It costs about $500 bucks, overall it was worth it but I could see someone else making a similar product to the next level which would be awesome.

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