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Spooky Ideas for Your October Marketing

October is a big month for business, as everyone is in a shopping mood with the chill in the air, and winter coming just around the corner. Taking advantage of the important Halloween holiday to promote your brand is a no-brainer, and there are several ways to make it fun for you and your customers.

If you are looking for some great spooky ideas to increase your content this October, see below for contests, blog ideas, and promotions that will bring in new consumers, and keep them coming back for more.

Hold a costume photo contest. For a great social media campaign, have your customers submit a photo of themselves, their children or their pets in their Halloween costumes to be entered to win a promotional prize. People love to dress up, and this gives them one more chance to show off their costume skills for the year and possibly score some new gear or discounts.

Challenge your customers to a pumpkin carving. This option can be great for a digital campaign or a brick and mortar business. Gather a large number of pumpkins in every size for your store, and invite your customers out one weekend day to help you carve them. Those that carve pictures related to your business, or even better – your logo, will be entered in a contest for discounts or prizes. Have a group of children be your impartial judges, and treat everyone to some drinks and snacks while they shop.

Up your blog content. If you normally do one or two blogs per month for your site, have your Utah SEO company up the content count to three or more. Blogs are one of the best tools to bring others to your site, and engaging content is what is going to make them interested in your company. Fall is an excellent time for all kinds of content, from spooky decor ideas to the beginning of holiday shopping tips.

Encourage video submissions. Videos make an effective social media campaign, and you may be wondering how you can take advantage of that during this spookiest of holidays. Have your followers share a scary story submission, or hold a screaming contest that will be sure to draw in as many viewers as possible. The best submission will have a chance at a product or discount, and the judges will be your viewers, which encourages followers to share your post and ask for votes, so they continue to market for you.

Spookify your website. Have your SLC web design company add a few Halloween pop-ups on your site for the month. This will not only show that you update your site regularly but will also keep your customers enjoying the holiday. Just don’t make them too annoying to pass by, or you may turn people away.


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