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Starting Fresh With Your Fall Marketing

Summer is not the best market for retail, so it’s important to start fresh with your fall marketing in order to revive your sales for the new fiscal year. If you want to boost your UT search engine optimization results, you’ll need to start a compelling campaign as soon as Labor Day hits.

For some great ideas on how to spice up your fall marketing, see below.

Expand your market with local blogs. Blogging is the kind of engaging content that younger consumers are seeking out when researching products or services, so it should on the top of any SLC web design team’s list of advertising opportunities as well. By either offering engaging blogs on your site or by seeking out popular local blogs to advertise with, you can take advantage of already heavy internet traffic.

Get environmentally savvy. Try to think of ways to cut back on your carbon footprint this fall by offering reusable bags with your name on them, or an email list for sales instead of paper advertisements. Be sure to let your customers know of the positive changes you are making around the business, and why you feel it’s important to reduce your paper use as a company.

Offer free consultations. Whether you are offering clothing or carpet cleaning, a demonstration of your goods or services is always appreciated when researching a product. Every once in a while, invite your customers to your storefront or social media page for a free Q&A about how your product can help them, or how to use it for the best results. Have someone available for demonstrations, to field questions or concerns and make sure to offer free samples.

Offer a discount for helping with a charitable drive. For a fun fall promotion, host a weekend where your customers can bring in a donation in exchange for a discount on goods, or a chance to win free merchandise. Monetary donations are not necessary, as people can donate everything from canned goods to their time in exchange for your discount. Not only will this boost your reputation within the community, but it’s an easy way to bring a lot of foot traffic to a brick and mortar shop.

Offer a social media photo contest. Fall is the best season for many to get out and spend time with friends and family during the crisp, cool weather. Offer a contest for merchandise by having your consumers submit a photo of them doing some sort of fall activity, along with a hashtag that will lead right back to your social media. Choose your winners at random, or ask consumers to get even more involved by having them vote on their favorites to determine the winner.

Get your name out with sponsorships. Donate time or money to a fun fall festival or haunted house in exchange for top billing on their advertising, or put your name on a large tailgating tent for your local sports team. These types of events draw in large crowds from all around, so it’s a great way to get your name out in bold.


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