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Storytelling: The Most Important Trend in Business Marketing

Storytelling is the latest, hottest way to advertise to today’s consumers. Internet marketing is very often seen through the screen of a smartphone, and a moving visual is the quickest way to stop a potential customer from scrolling by the advertisement. They leave a lasting impression and astronomically drive up the views to the business website.  Let’s learn about what storytelling is so this powerful marketing tool can be used in your company.

Stories are life’s greatest entertainment.  Novels, movies and dinner conversations all revolve around the art of telling a story. Life’s ephemeral moments become timeless when encapsulated inside a riveting narrative. Stories form connections and develop relationships. These are two key components to any type of marketing which is why the storytelling component in advertising is so important.

Social media outlets like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have begun utilizing live features which instantly transport viewers to an alternate reality. Businesses are able to use this to their advantage by creating an authentic connection to sell their products. Each story produced should share a compelling narrative which provides visual and audio stimulation to viewers.  Stories leave stronger impressions than blocks of text or a single image. A clever slogan about an energy drink will be read once and forgotten. An image of a beautiful lady drinking the energy drink will cause the viewer to linger a bit longer, but a story about a tired, unremarkable woman who takes a sip of an exciting new energy drink and becomes an instant bombshell will not be forgotten.

Storytelling can also be used to connect consumers with a company’s advertising events. Whether these events are sponsored athletic events, conferences or interviews, storytelling shares these experiences with potential customers. As viewers engage with the product and business at hand, they invest in the product itself. Establishing this relationship between customer and client will drive the sales of the business skyward.

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So how can one begin applying storytelling to their business marketing? Start by hiring a company with a skilled team of experts in the area of Utah web design and social media marketing. AdaptivityPro will design a story which will fit all of a business’s needs in web design and Internet advertising.


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