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How to Take Advantage of the Holidays in Your Marketing

The holidays are one of the biggest shopping times of the year. Everyone is searching for goods or services that are the perfect gifts to show their loved ones how they feel during this festive season.

Naturally, anyone who owns a business that can offer said goods or services knows that marketing during the holidays is especially important to beat out the competition when shoppers are making often hasty decisions. If you want to get a leg up on the market, follow these simple tips in order to make your holiday season one of your most lucrative yet.

Hire a multi-media marketing company to hit all of your bases. A Utah SEO and web design company can help make your seasonal ad campaign both shine and be cohesive across all of your marketing platforms. With search engine optimization, these professionals will create holiday-themed engaging content for social media, blogs, promotional ads and website design that will drive more organic traffic your way. With plenty of high searched keywords peppered throughout the web content, your business is sure to be in the top list of searches.

Use promotions to create a sense of urgency. Adding one-day sales on some of your goods or services will create a fast-paced drive of customers to your business for the day. Holiday shoppers are often making fast decisions, or shopping last minute, so the illusion that they are benefiting from their hastiness will help your business.

Offer giveaways. Social media is the perfect platform to reach a large number of consumers. Offering some incentive for them to “like” or “share” your posts like a giveaway prize or a percentage off of your product is a great way to entice more customers to your site over others. Have them share a favorite memory or holiday baking idea to get more people involved, and add a sense of whimsy and family to your advertising. If you want to create even more foot traffic, have them revisit the site to learn the winner the next day or even week to keep people coming back.

Do some good for the season. Promoting or sharing a day where your company “gives back” to your community during the holiday season is a great way to get the word out about your business. If you have a small business, or just can’t spare the time this holiday season, try having a percentage or dollar amount of your sales be donated to the charity of your choice during the holiday season. Consumers are more likely to buy from a company that is dedicated to helping others as well.

Throw a holiday party. Throwing a small drop-in party in your shop where you offer cookies or drinks will bring people right to your door for the evening. If you are part of a group of shops within a particular area, maybe get your neighbors involved, so the budget becomes bigger, the crowd will stay longer and everyone will get a chance to see what you have to offer.


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