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Taking Advantage of Black Friday SEO

Salt Lake City SEO, or search engine optimization is an easy way to make sure that your business is one of the top search results this holiday season when people are looking for your particular product or service.

Some companies specialize in this, but there are several things you can do yourself to make sure you don’t get stuck at the bottom of the search engine page. See below for some great tips on how to take advantage of the biggest shopping day of the year with these SEO tricks.

Do your keyword research. SEO specialists will tell you not to rely too heavily on keywords, and year-round that’s probably true. However, during the holidays, certain keywords seem to be on everyone’s fingertips, and this data can be at yours. Simply check the historical keyword jumps of past years for Google, and you’ll find exactly what you need to incorporate into your titles, blogs, descriptions and hashtags. The answers will likely be pretty obvious, such as “gift,” “inexpensive” and “local.”

Use existing landing pages instead of launching new ones. Like all good things, it takes time for a new site to get enough hits to rank it high on the search engine sites. Instead of creating a new page each year to promote the big shopping holidays like Black Friday, use an existing page that never really goes away. Update the years, terms and products to make the landing page become more relevant, and make sure all links are still working and available. By having it up year-round, it will gain more traction, and experience a jump during the sales season before retiring into the background for another year.

Optimize your mobile sites and websites for speed. It’s been mentioned before that a slow speed on your mobile site or website can lead to a decline in ratings. Consumers don’t have the time or the patience during the holiday season to wait for large images or be re-directed one hundred times. By tweaking a few things right before the surge in site hits, you can make sure people don’t lose patience with your business and move on.

Keep the new content exciting. You may be using an old landing page, but your content should be new and applicable to the current season. Use a mix of media such as blogs, social media posts and videos to keep your consumers coming back to check out your site. A Utah web design company can provide everything from original video content to copywriters who will write amazing blogs on your behalf using specific keywords that keep the content relevant and engaging.

Be prepared. With the surge in site hits that happen over big shopping holidays, be sure that any bugs or issues that could cause a server crash are fixed well in advance. You can’t prevent everything, but taking the necessary precautions can help to keep you online and running through the chaos.


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