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The 3 W’s of Usability: What, Why and Where

Usability is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations in designing and building a website. Let us explore the What, Why and Where of this key element of website design.

What: Usability and How it is defined

Usability, simply put, is how easy it is to use the website. This primarily covers the following areas:

Why:  Importance of Usability

Your website is there for a purpose.  No matter how useful it is and how complete the information it provides, if the user does not have a pleasant experience with the website, he may simply leave the website and not return.  Usability also works to:

Where: Which website components should you work on?


About Adaptivity Pro

Adaptivity Pro is your Utah web design team that provides you with a team of expert writers, SEO specialists, designs and programmers who all understand what usability is all about. We are your partner of choice in creating and increasing your website presence not just through usability but also through SLC SEO and internet marketing.


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