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The Importance of Web Design

Once relatively unknown, the World Wide Web has come to dominate marketing, advertising and the business world. Literally redefining how people conduct business, many companies have to change their focus and direction to accommodate this vastly growing business resource.

The Internet has literally jolted the advertising world. Once a market that depended solely on mail flyers, phone calls and print advertising, today’s world has gone electronic. Correspondence is conducted via email, advertising is mostly online, customers head to websites’ shopping carts to fulfill orders instead of traditional catalog ordering techniques and when people want to price shop, they simply Google or Bing results, which are available within seconds.

Revolutionizing how customers identify with companies, the Internet has forever changed the face of communication, which has indirectly altered how customers purchase products and services. This heavy online growth has greatly increased competition between companies, forcing them to heavily rely on split-second impressions of websites and Internet marketing.

One way businesses can stand out in today’s cookie-cutter world is to have a dominant web design. In fact, billions of dollars are spent annually on companies trying to influence consumers with a strategically marketed website design.

Websites are the single-most visible aspect of any company. In fact, simply stated: it affects how customers view businesses. It’s not simply about choosing the right font and pictures, but websites also incorporate vital site planning, easy usability and convenient messaging, which appeal to a broad customer base. Companies that find the perfect balance between user-friendly functionality and a high profile web design are more likely to be successful in today’s modern world.

First impressions are vital. A website should be professional, relevant and feature high-quality content. Studies show that people spent no more than two-tenths of a second looking at website before they form a split second first impression. The longer users stay on a website, chances of favorable website reviews increase.

This means that if a website is not appealing to users, they will immediately go to the next set of search results, which sends them to a competing company. Even if a company offers something unique and different, the bottom line is that it won’t matter if the first impression of the website is not favorable.

Websites should convey messages quickly via a powerful, intuitive design. Adaptivity Pro specializes in creating unique, custom Utah web designs. Saturated with helpful, content-driven SEO marketing, their SLC web designs are proven to help boost companies’ revenues and increase their customer bases.


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