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The Ultimate 2008 Top 7 SEO Tips for Professionals List

Here is the ultimate top-10 SEO tips list for seo professionals, enjoy!

  1. Stop Reading SEO Top 10 Lists! – So my list is ok to read since its a top-7 list.  They are fun to read but limit your time on them and move on to bigger and better SEO research opportunities.
  2. Read Less SEO Blogs and Do More SEO Work – Although it is very important to keep up to date with the latest and greatest SEO tactics and strategies it still amazes me how much time is wasted trying to be the ‘best’ when in reality you may not be getting anything done.  I have fallen into this typical SEO mindset in the past but have found much more success as I actually focus on DOING work rather than just LEARNING.
  3. Optimize Your Own Website First – This is one of my goals in the coming 2-3 months.  There really is no excuse for not having your own website (especially if you work for an interactive agency) not optimized – including ‘we are so busy we don’t have time’ which is the one that I have used lately.  Just set aside some time and don’t let anything else bug you, it will pay off in the end as potential seo clients will notice how well your own website ranks for your targeted keywords.
  4. Stop Trying to Outdo Your Local Competitor – Be friends with your neighbors.  Here in Utah the SEO industry atmosphere is sometimes a little too competitive when there is plenty of business out there for everyone.  Find ways you can work together rather than battle it out, in our experience we have found many of our ‘competitors’ are really not competitors at all as we go after different target markets.  Focus more on building relationships that trying to be ‘the best’, that will come naturally.
  5. Worry More About a Client’s Profits Than Their Rankings – I am sure almost everyone agrees on this point by now.  Getting seo rankings is only one minor aspect of search engine optimization, even internet marketing, even marketing, or even the overall strategy of the company.  The end goal should be to bring in profits for the company, at a minimum what they are paying for seo and then some.  Start implementing other strategies such as usability, information architecture, user centered design, converion improvement, persuasion architecture, and overall unique advantage positions.
  6. Don’t Take On SEO Clients That You Know Will Fail – I review all potential seo clients before we let them sign up, and there are some we turn away because we fill a search engine optimization campaign would fail.  This could be for a variety of reasons from not enough investment for success, too competitive, not enough keyword search volume, or an unkown product or service that no one  is searching for online.  If you find yourself in a situation like that do yourself and them a favor and just tell them its not worth it.
  7. Focus On The Basics (HTML, Content, Links) – It also amazes me how many search engine optimization specialists still don’t get the basics right and jump into way advanced seo strategies.   I wonder if the three core fundamental seo components will ever change: html, content, and links.  Make sure your html is seo-friendly, have useful and informative content, and get some good quality links.  Enough said 🙂

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