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Time for a Cool Change: Why You Need to Update Your Website Regularly

Websites are a work in progress. It’s not a make-it-and-leave-it deal. Rather, you need to regularly update and maintain your website. This is one of the more effective ways you can reach your customers. But remember, the competition is also trying to reach out to them and win them over.

Here are some reasons why you should consider whether it’s time to update your website:

–          Responsiveness to changing ways of looking at data. Is your website already fitted with responsive web design? More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to access the web. Your website should ensure that people can easily look at your website and product information pages without having to manually adjust their screen resolutions. If your website is not yet mobile compatible, chances are, you may already be losing readers who get annoyed with the hard time they have looking at your website. The next thing you know, they are already browsing over your competitor’s website.

–          An updated look keeps your interesting and enhances brand image. If your website design stays static, people will have a lower perception of your brand. If you allowed your website to go “stale”, tired and out-of-date, what other aspects of the operation have you also disregarded?  A fresh and updated look indicates your commitment and capability as a company – that you are constantly changing for the better, based on your customer’s changing needs and demands. Some additions you can consider include automated forms, interactive media, photo galleries or a search tool.

–          Adding new material encourages your customers to visit regularly. If you are regularly reaching out to your customers with new updates and changes, you encourage repeat visitors and also win new ones. You can add elements that can make your website more interactive and encourage input from readers such as adding reviews or participating in online forums. If you have several branches in various cities or states, you can tailor a page to go local, providing customized content based on the user’s location.

–          Improve speed and security. A website redesign can help you get rid of the clutter and clunky elements and go for a sleeker, “sexier” website that also performs better. This includes compressing picture files (or adding new ones), making modifications to the code, simplifying navigation and adapting to new browser versions. You can also upgrade your software and beef up security to protect the website from the latest viruses and threats.

–          Improve the website’s SEO capability. A website update gives you a chance to respond to the results of the results of your web analysis. You can evaluate the strength of each page and identify which areas need more strengthening. You may also need to incorporate new keywords since there will be changes in how people search. This can also be a time to check and update broken and unstructured links that can affect your rankings.

–          Respond to the company’s changing strategy or requirements. You can use the update to upgrade your website as well as your servers to accommodate the company’s growth, to respond to a shift in marketing strategy or the addition of a new product category or to establish a more stable and improved content management system.

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Adaptivity Pro is specializes in SLC web design and redesign. With Adaptivity Pro, redesigns are well-planned and carefully implemented to prevent any mistakes that may affect the website’s current SEO standing. Rather, with a combination of Utah SEO, copywriting savvy and creativity, your company can enjoy a fresh new look that boosts your online presence and strengthens your relationship with your readers and customers.


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