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Tips for Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing is the latest great idea for web site owners wishing to improve their site rankings and credibility on the web. This has actually been around for some years but has taken on a new face due to the ever-increasing race to be in that Number One position on the SERP.

So what is article marketing? This is a pretty easy and effective method where businesses write short articles relating to their respective industry and then post them at various sites online. In past years, this had become a very convenient way to drive new traffic to your website. Many article directories have sprung up in recent years because search engines love quality content. This has evolved into an important means of internet marketing for most businesses.

For a small cost, you can have professional content written and placed on your own website with in-bound links or you can post the content to any number of article directories. Most businesses utilize both methods for best results.

It is recommended that you post fresh articles or blogs on your web site at least weekly. Along with that, post unique and interesting articles to various article directories. For instance, if you are a general contractor in Tampa, Florida, you could post content on sites that are dedicated to construction, carpentry and all building trades.

Twice a week, post a blog on your own web site that discusses any number of topics that a building contractor might be interested in. Ideas for posts should also include interesting material that a homeowner might be looking for who is looking to renovate or add on to their home. The ideas are endless.

Each time there is anything at all that might be considered “newsworthy” going on in your business, be sure to have a professionally written press release done and posted to several of the popular press release sites. This has proven to be a great method of driving traffic to your site. Maybe your construction company just added landscape design to your list of services. Take advantage of any type of “news” to write and post press releases in order to gain exposure for your business.

Article marketing improves the credibility of your business and it provides you with exposure. Well-written articles released for free distribution offer many benefits including an increase in your site’s authority.  These articles may even be syndicated by other websites, and published in multiple places.

Be sure to include keyword links in all your content including press releases. This almost always improves your site’s ranking scores and trustworthiness. Readers quickly see that your Tampa Bay contracting business is an authority on thermal pane windows when they read your article on the advantages of thermal pane windows. Through the use of article marketing, you can set your business up as a leader and expert it your industry. While doing so, your site’s rankings will also gradually improve.

If you are a busy company owner who already wears too many hats, then hire a professional to take care of writing and posting articles and press releases each week.  Adaptivity Pro is a Utah-based web design company that specializes in SEO services. Our services include web design, PPC campaigns, and other online marketing services.

Adaptivity Pro offers professional Utah SEO designed to increase your site’s rankings and authority. You can choose the level of service that works best for your business. Our UT web design firm can build and maintain a high-end website optimized for search engines and guaranteed to appear high in SERP’s. We make it easy and affordable for you to have experts building and maintaining your web site.

Our webmasters will ensure that your site runs smoothly and our writing team provides you with fresh, optimized content on a regular basis.  At Adaptivity Pro we partner with businesses to increase their sales with a professional looking web site that consistently ranks well. For the bestSalt Lake City SEO, choose Adaptivity Pro.

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