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Tips on Improving Your Company SEO Ranking

Salt Lake City SEO companies are some of the fastest growing digital marketing fields in the state. Search engine optimization is an important way to make sure that your business is one of the top-ranked when the internet is guiding people towards their next purchase.

There are several steps to take when trying to improve organic traffic to your site or social media page. See below for some great tips on how to improve your search engine ranking.

Create great content. You may think that having a user-friendly site with product information and a place for customer service is enough, but the content is what is going to bring your consumers to you. Keywords that you can use to lead to your site when a person is using a search engine should be present and repeated but never used in such a way that it takes away from the content. Consumers can tell when an article is just a bunch of rambling keywords, so make it count to keep them coming.

Update the content regularly. Blog and video posts should be updated monthly, if not more often. This will keep your site fresh and relevant, and also frequently appearing in new searches. Continue to use keywords in your writing, but be sure to include new product information, changes to the company or events that you may be hosting in the near future.

Be specific with your hyperlinks. SLC website designers will often use hyperlinks to lead to other parts of the site that may be separate from the blog page that was first discovered by the consumer. Don’t use general terms such as “click here” or “see this link,” but instead hyperlink the site pages to what they are specifically for such as “_____ new product information,” or “_____helpful video tips,” with the business name or keyword included.

Understand the use of “alt tags.” Alt tags are used as text to describe images. It may seem redundant, but for visually impaired users or those with text only accessibility, these alt tags will make your business easily searchable to all, thus widening your consumer base to those you may not realize can still use search engines.

Make an excellent contact page. Some studies suggest that consumers feel more comfortable and have more trust in companies with sufficient contact information on their page. Include several ways to contact your customer service or different information regarding various inquiries for your company. It will show you take your feedback seriously, and an increase in trustworthiness could mean an improvement in your rankings.

Mobilize your site. Most users these days are browsing via smartphone, so algorithms for search engines are seen penalizing those sites that do not have a mobile site readily available by decreasing their rankings. Offering a stellar mobile experience will help users be able to access your page on the go, whenever the thought pops into their minds.


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