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Title Tags & Meta Data – Back to the Basics

Yesterday I worked on my employer’s website for SEO purposes. We have a PHP based CMS system so I can’t edit the title tags or meta tags directly, I have to do it through the CMS. This is excellent for companies who don’t have a HTML developer or designer who knows HTML and wans their marketing folks to update their website for SEO purposes, but it was more time consuming for me, mainly because I was not used to the system.

Nevertheless after several hours I went through every page on our website updating the HTML code to make sure our keywords were appearing in them where necessary. We are focusing on two geographic markets right now: Utah and Reno, Nevada. As for services we are trying to focus on web design, web development, search engine optimization, seo, sem, ppc, email marketing, email tracking, cms, and data replication or customization.

It still surprises me how many people now know that title tags are important as well as ‘meta keywords’ tags and ‘meta description’ tags; yet they are still used improperly most of the time. I almost prefer not to use the keyword tag at all anymore as i don’t think search engines really place any weight or value on them anymore. Here are some quick tips to remember when updating your own title and meta information:

Title Tags – remember they should try to be under 60 characters long. They should accurately describe the page. i.e .if you have a page about search engine optimization the title tag should not be ‘web design’. Its really as simple as that. Of course there are more advanced title tag strategies such as not using stop words, keeping your company name out of every title tag, etc. but if you follow those two above rules you will be far better off than 80% of the websites out there. Oh, and don’t have the same title tag on every page of your website. This is the most common problem I see and it amazes me how many people do it. Mainly because of laziness or lack of time I think.

Meta Description Tags – a few simple rules for description tags are to keep them under 150 characters; including spaces. Keep in mind whatever you put here may appear in the search engine results page as the actual description of the webpage, so have the copywriting in such a fashion it will encourage someone to click on your ranking. Make sure it accurately describes the page it is about and thats about it. Way easy huh!

Meta Keywords Tag – this one is also fairly easy to implement on your website. The real key is to ensure every word you have in this tag appears somewhere in the text of the website content. Don’t have the same keyword list on every page of your website. Try to keep the meta description tag to under 150 characters, including spaces. Lastly, make sure you are choosing words you actually want to get ranked for and that are related to your business.

Well, enough for now. Keep on plugging away!

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