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Top Trends in Modern Marketing

The main focus of your business should always be your customer, but being able to reach them effectively with information about your company is a very important step in establishing your brand.

Gone are the days of newspaper advertising, and modern marketing relies much more heavily on digital media. Utah web design, search engine optimization and social media advertising should be the new focus to reach the most of the customers within your targeted audience. So what are the secrets of the current marketing strategies? See below for the top trends of this year.

Improved analytics. Marketing reach has always been difficult data to gather, but now more than ever companies are trying to research what really makes their products sell. The focus is turning more towards finding out what makes consumers drawn to a certain product or site, and what keeps them coming back. A strong customer feedback option on your site will help to gather the intel that you are looking for and make your consumers feel that they are being heard.

Customization is key. Whether it’s offering a la carte packages of services or personalized items, consumers want to be able to make a product their own. Most people don’t want to pay for goods or services they will never use, and package deals can be a dealbreaker to the modern buyer. Offering personalization will draw more customers to your site, and show that you care about the unique nature of each of your buyers.

Timing is everything. Knowing who you are targeting to your audience, and when they will be looking at your product, or your site is crucial to getting the most reach for your efforts. Using data on when your customer is logging on is a great way to ensure they will see what you have to offer in a more organic way. Salt Lake City SEO’s will have the tools available to help make your real-time marketing the right time.

Engaging content is what draws in. Millennials want more than just product pictures. Successful sites offer everything from product reviews, testimonials, blogs relating to the service and most importantly video content. Videos are the new easy way to give a largely comprehensive overview in a short, easy to understand media. Including a weekly or monthly video will keep your consumers in the know on how you are meeting their needs on a continuous basis.

Social media is the new way to go. Social media sites have a faster-growing user base than almost any other site these days. Everyone from teenagers to the elderly is logging on to reconnect with lost friends, chat with similar peer groups and look for advice on your products and their services they may need. Getting the word out on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram will help push your product to a broad audience in a casual and fun setting.

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