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Tracking Your Social Media Status

Being on all social media platforms is crucial – it enables you to reach your target audience and customers more effectively. However, having a presence on social media platforms is not just a task you need to tick off your Internet Marketing to-do list. You need to constantly post relevant content and to see how effective you are in engaging your audience.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide users with data and statistics that can help track your performance with regards to your social media marketing activities.

Here are some metrics to keep track of for your social media accounts:

Follower Growth

How many new followers and page likes do your social media accounts within a specified period? How many existing followers are clicking the “unfollow” button? Ideally, your social media account should enjoy organic and consistent growth (which looks not just at the number of new followers but also the decrease in existing ones). This shows how many individuals have expressly said that they like your page and would want your posts to show up in their newsfeeds. Also, growth in this aspect indicates that existing followers are sharing content that convinces other people to become your new followers. This indicates that you are posting effective content or that your social media campaigns are effective.

Regularly check the growth rate of your audience and followers so that you get to see whether there are spikes or downward trends in the growth that you need to know. When you investigate further, you may find posts or campaigns that lend to the upward or downward trend.

Engagement or Conversation Rate

Are your posts viewed and liked by your followers? Do your posts interest your audience enough so that they make comments on your post and share it with their friends? Are you getting through to them?

As you grow your audience, you should also check that your engagement rates are consistent. Otherwise, this may indicate that although you have a growing number of followers, you need to determine the right type of posts and the timing of your posts.

In major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, your level of engagement will also determine whether your followers actually see your posts. Remember, if a follower does not consistently engage with your posts, Facebook and Twitter will downgrade these posts and prioritize other posts that get a higher level of engagement from your followers.

You should take a look at some engagement metrics:


This is a metric that shows the number of times your posts appeared in people’s timeline or newsfeed. Usually, your posts will show up when one is already a follower or if one has friends that interacted with your post (he commented, liked or shared your post). The more impressions you have, the better your chances of being seen by existing and potential followers.


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