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Use Facebook Advertising for Awesome Online Marketing Insight

One major advertising advantage Facebook has over Google adwords and other ppc platforms is that Facebook has access to real demographic and user preference data that few other systems contain.  Since a user of Facebook enters in their demographic information and have the access to join groups and note their personal preferences this data is real; not assumed like other platforms.While I have not yet tried Facebook advertising yet for any of my clients (I am planning to this week though) I have heard that it is not super effective.  Hopefully with the recent changes they have made it will become more effective.   In the end it will depend on the industry you are in if Facebook can deliver value or not.  This is a whole other story though.

There is something you can utilize right now on Facebook without actually sending them a dime that can be of great assistance to your marketing efforts online, offline, etc.  When you create an ad you can choose different options of who you want to target your ads to on Facebook.   Through process of elimination you can gain some valuable insights of your target audience through this simple system.  For example – lets say you are a camping gear manufacturer and you think hikers are usually interested in camping as well – you are considering advertising in a hiking magazine for your company.  You could narrow your search down to those who are interested in hiking then AND camping with this method.  The results are as follows:

47,469,140  – Total U.S. Facebook users
980,840 – Those who have an interest in camping
1,036,800 – Those who have an interest in hiking
1,719,120 – Those who have an interest in hiking AND/OR camping
980,840 + 1,036,800 = 2,017,640 – Those who have an interest in hiking OR camping (including DUPLICATES)
2,017,640 – 1,719,120 = 298,520 – Those who have an interest in hiking AND camping
So about 30% of campers have expressed an interest in hiking as well on facebook.

Facebook Advertising

You can also take this down to a much more simple level by simply finding things such as if males or females are more interested in parenting, if there are more dave matthews band fans in Georgia or California, if engaged people are more likely to be interested in photography, if more college graduates are associated with coke or pepsi, and the list goes on and on.

Of course this data is not taking into consideration the entire world but it seems to be a fairly good sampling, 47 million users in the U.S. alone is very impressive. If you have had experience with Facebook advertising I would love to hear your comments.

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