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Using Colors in Web Design

Web design is an art in itself. Graphic artists and web designers need to have, at the very least, a rudimentary understanding of what emotions a certain color evokes, as well as an eye for what color combinations work.

The Importance of Color

Indeed, even while content is still king, your website graphics should be inviting and should capture the imagination. So much so that the reader will want to take a closer look at the website content. This fact becomes all important when we realize that there are a lot of websites out there that are also vying for the attention of the same people you would like to target with your website. The effective use of colors will also have an important contribution to the probability that a new visitor will respond positively to your website and click a call-to-action button.

Here are some basic principles to help you choose colors for your website:

About Adaptivity Pro

Worried that your color choices may not provide your website with the right tone and mood? Adaptivity Pro’s team of graphic designers and artists have your back. We’ll take care of establishing a suitable color palette for you) based on your specific needs. Adaptivity Pro is a premier Utah web design company, with a roster of experienced and expert web designers, programmers, Utah SEO analysts and copywriters – all available to help you establish a strong and thriving Internet presence.