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Utah Website Makeover Contest

We are considering doing a website makeover contest to give back to the Salt Lake City Utah community.  Let us know if you think this is worth pursuing or not and any feedback of our plan so far.

Website Makeover Contest Plan


–        Must be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

–        Must be a registered business in Utah.

–        Must have had a functional website in place for the previous full year.

–        Must have at least 10 employees, contractors, or other workers.

–        Must have a physical business office location.

–        Must have a really ugly & poor functioning website.

Website Award Specifications

–        The website will be constructed via static HTML.

–        The website will be up to 15 pages.

–        One contact email form will be included if necessary.

–        There will be a main page layout and a secondary page layout.

–        There will be no programming or database design included in the website.

–        The design will be selected by ADAPTIVITY PRO .

–        Domain registration and hosting services are not included.

–        Other services such as programming, databases, hosting, or domain registration can be purchased from ADAPTIVITY PRO if requested.

Contest Process

–        The contest will end 2 months after the start date.

–        Eligible organizations may apply to be nominated during the first month.

–        Ten nominees will be selected by ADAPTIVITY PRO one month after the start date.

–        Users will be able to vote for their choice among the nominees for one month.

–        The winner will be announced two months after the start date based on votes.

–        ADAPTIVITY PRO will start the web design process one week after the contest has ended.

Nominee Selection Information

–        Full name of the nominator.

–        Email address of the nominator.

–        The nominator’s relationship with the nominated organization.

–        The nominated organization’s name, address, phone, & industry.

–        Checkbox to ensure the nominating organization meets the eligibility requirements.

–        A paragraph describing how the nominated organization gives services to others.

–        A paragraph describing the current nominated organization’s website.

–        A paragraph describing why the nominated organization deserves a new website.

Nominee Selection Criteria

–        Must meet all eligibility requirements.

–        100 points total.

–        30 points based on the service the organization gives to others.

–        30 points based on how ugly the current website is/paragraph describing website issues.

–        40 points based on the description on why the organization deserves a new website.

–        ADAPTIVITY PRO will judge the websites with a team of web designers and related staff.

–        The ten organizations with the highest score will be nominated.

Voting Process

–        The top ten nominees will be posted on the ADAPTIVITY PRO website.

–        Website visitors can vote once for one organization.

–        To prevent voting fraud we will require the email address of each voter.

–        The email address will not be sold or distributed to 3rd parties.

–        ADAPTIVITY PRO will analyze the votes and if there are some that appear to be fraudulent they will be removed.

–        At the end of the month period of voting the winner will be announced.