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Utilizing Meta Descriptions for Stronger SEO

Web sites owners are very keen on using every means possible to increase their page rankings with the search engines. It seems that every new SEO technique that comes along is quickly incorporated into their own Best Practices. Some of these are gimmicky things that come on the scene and then leave just as quickly. Meta descriptions is one of those techniques that has hung around for the long haul though.

Writing great Meta Descriptions is an excellent tool for increasing your site visits because that is the description that people initially read on the SERP. Both Google Bots and humans look at your meta description to determine whether or not they want to click on it. The bots are mostly checking to see if the description found there is an adequate explanation of what your web page is all about. The human visitors are reading it in order to determine if they are interested in your product or service.

You can make you meta descriptions as long as you like but search engines truncate snippets over 160 characters so most people stay at or below that number when writing their page descriptions. The 160 characters does include spaces and punctuation so it’s important to write something catchy and accurate in as few words as possible. Most web site owners do not possess professional copywriting skills and will often hire a pro to write their meta descriptions in order to ensure they’re done right.

Below is an example of a great meta description that will most likely generate site visitors and then one that is written by an amateur. As a savvy internet shopper, decide for yourself which one you would click on. The search term is “investing”.


Fidelity Investments offers investing advice to help you wisely invest your money in stocks, mutual funds, bonds and ETF’s. Get free stock quotes!


We can help you with your investments today. View industry data on analysis and informational guides. Attend our conference on proven strategies.

What makes the first meta description good is that it incorporates some primary keywords like investments, investing, money, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and ETF’s. It also offers something free.

The second description wastes the first 6 words of the description. Those first words should be powerful and hit a home run every time. In many cases, it’s wise to include your company, product or brand name right at the beginning. The second description actually only includes one keyword and it never mentions the company name at all.

Searchers will click on the first meta description at least 22 times more often than the second one. The first site has a good chance of making it to the first page of SERP’s but the second one will be found on page 9.

In your zeal to write good ad copy that the search engines will love, don’t forget about your human visitors. They need to know if your web page contains the facts, info or products they are searching for.

Adaptivity Pro is a professional Utah SEO specialist that can help your site to rank higher by providing you with excellent, well-written meta titles and descriptions. Adaptivity Pro of Utah also builds high end web sites and we are the number one UT web design firm. Our company allows you to choose the level of service that best suits your business. We can build and maintain your site, providing professionally written content as well as fresh content weekly in the way of interesting blog posts.

Adaptivity Pro partners with web site owners to assist them in increasing their sales. We have a long list of satisfied customers who rave about our service. Our sites often appear on the first page of SERP’s and we understand the principals involved in attaining that number one position. For professional Salt Lake City search engine optimization, choose Adaptivity Pro. We partner with our clients for a successful future.

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