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VideoMining Re-launches New Website

VideoMining presents a revitalized and redesigned website that shows the exciting solutions and innovations it offers in the arena of in-store customer behavior. The easy-to-navigate and uncluttered website is highly visual with simple yet eye-catching graphics. VideoMining has partnered with AdaptivityPro for the creation and design of the enhanced website.

VideoMining and In-Store Behavior

VideoMining is all about making in-store behavior count. They are committed to helping manufacturers and retailers understand their customers better. By tracking how customers behave in a brick-and-mortar store, marketers can glean valuable insights into what factors influence buying decisions and customer loyalty. From the time the customer enters the store, browses its shelves and makes buying decisions about particular products, VideoMining’s full-store camera coverage discreetly tracks each step. These movements are then automatically extracted, processed and analyzed with the use of patented software.

VideoMining’s analytic software tools also integrate in-store customer behavior with data on other areas – mobile tracking, surveys and loyalty programs. This understanding will then help marketers formulate their strategies with regards to merchandising, store design, category management, customer service and shopper marketing based on your customer’s demographics.

With its continued commitment to harness technology in order to analyze and examine human behavior, VideoMining has further extended its tools to wider applications of human behavior analytics. The company also provides valuable solutions for areas such as elder care, web search, surveillance, homeland security and mobile systems.

VideoMining’s New Website

The new website features the following:

–          Case studies. Potential clients can see how VideoMining’s applications can significantly impact companies as they get a deeper understanding of their customers. In their Clients section, readers can see examples of how VideoMining’s analytical tools are applied in companies such as Pepsico, Sara Lee, Hershey and Heinz.

–          More accessible social media links. Links to Facebook and Twitter are available at the bottom of every page. The heightened social media presence targets connections with customers, including their feedback.

–          Simplified categories. The new website has sections for the company’s Technology, Solutions and Programs so that readers can more easily understand the available applications that can be used for various types of retail stores.

–          Blog. The website provides the latest news and research studies with regards to shopper marketing. It also gives updates on company events.

The website also includes a “Clients” Page, an FAQ page, as well as an “About” section that provides information on the VideoMining team, the Newsroom, Careers and a “Contact Us” Page. The section also introduces the company’s R&D division, VM Labs.

About Adaptivity Pro

Adaptivity Pro provides vital Internet-based marketing support for companies such as VideoMining. It has extensive experience in helping companies grow by providing innovative strategies to strengthen their Internet presence.

With founder and CEO Eric Morgan at the helm, the company has remained committed to providing value-for-money Internet marketing services such as website design, social media marketing, SEO and PPC.


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