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Ways to Make Your Customers Love You on Social Media

Whether a business is well-established or up-and-coming, many small business owners have trouble navigating the vast ocean of social media. It can be an overwhelming task to take on because of the time it takes to learn about social media and the time it takes to utilize it. Here are six easy and import ways any business can connect with their customers on social media.

  1. Entertain – People enjoy scrolling the Internet to get a break from the everyday toils of life. Use this to your advantage by entertaining your audience. Use funny picture memes viewers will like and share. Post viral videos, funny jokes and tell endearing stories about your company and your team.
  2. Inspire – Tell personal stories of you, your company members or clients’ personal victories. Post inspiring quotes and motivating videos. Use images of beautiful locations and inspiring people.
  3. Educate – Write and link to educational blogs from your company website. Post videos with quick tips or training. Host a live video where you answer questions from the viewers. Become a trusted expert in your field of business by continually putting out information on your social media.
  4. Communicate – Post every day, at least twice a day, and maybe more for certain social media outlets. Be selective in what you post, but be consistent in posting. Answer questions and direct messages as soon as possible. Communication is vital to building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Post polls, customer pictures and ask questions to the readers. Every post you make should have a message for customers to respond.
  5. Authenticate – Be real about who you are as a business owner. Post pics of yourself, your family, your office space and your fellow coworkers. Let the viewers in on behind-the-scenes information.
  6. Give – Give away random prizes to people who like, share or comment on your postings. Give away a percentage of your profits to a charity near and dear to your heart. Give your time, your attention and your energy to your customers, so they will remain loyal to your business.

Using these six steps will get your business off to a great start in social media marketing. You may also consider outsourcing all of these tasks to a proven leader in Utah web design and SEO, AdaptivityPro. Their skilled team of experts in Salt Lake City web design will ensure your social media audience is reached.


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