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Ways to Prepare for Your Holiday Marketing

It seems crazy to be thinking about the upcoming holidays when many parts of the country haven’t even put away their shorts and short sleeved shirts yet. However, many businesses find that preparing for their holiday marketing during the fall months is the smartest move they can make and keeps them on top of everything when the rush of holiday shopping is upon them.

See below for expert tips on what you can do now to help your marketing campaign for the holidays.

Know your high-spend days. It’s essential to map out exactly which days you are going to focus on when promoting your product or service to start building a marketing plan for the months ahead. The biggest shopping days in the holiday season are Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. These holidays give you a chance to tackle all aspects of your business, from your brick and mortar store to your online presence. Start thinking about how you are going to take advantage of these holidays now.

Start a survey in the fall. Have your Salt Lake City SEO strategists design a survey for your site and social media pages that your followers and customers can answer regarding what kind of products or discounts they would like to see you running promotions for during the holidays. Paying attention to what your consumers want not only builds brand loyalty, but will give good insight as to what products or services are performing well, or why some may not be (such as too expensive).

Don’t overdo it. The last thing you want to do is turn your loyal consumers away by bombarding them with ad after ad during the holiday season. Instead, focus on pleasing campaigns, and easy to navigate website, excellent customer service and engaging content. Offer tips for great recipes, holiday activities local to your community or useful product how-to videos that will leave your customers feeling good about your site and see that you are about more than just a bottom line.

Offer subscriber or follower only “sneak peaks.” Exclusive content is one of the benefits of being a loyal customer for several businesses. When working on an email campaign, offer holiday sneak peaks, early sales or discount codes to those who follow your site or subscribe to your email list. Be sure to mention these available perks on your social media and your website.

Do your research. When planning an effective campaign, look back on the past years of what has performed well, and more importantly, what hasn’t. Are there certain products and services that people seem drawn towards during the holiday’s sales season? Are there products that have been underwhelming for years that could use a push or a renovation? Now is the time to look back on previous marketing campaigns, so you don’t make the same mistakes.


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