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Web Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2015

2015 ushers in some exciting new trends in the world of web design. This first quarter is an excellent time to take stock of your current website and see whether you need to upgrade and jump into the latest web design trend. Take note that some of these elements have already been in the horizon but are expected to gain prominence this year.

Here are some trends in web design that you can consider this year:

–          Modular scrolling. The latest webpage design allows for scrolling not just for the whole page but for sections or columns within that page. This allows sections to be viewed either as part of a whole or individually. This is particularly useful for infographics and blogs.

–          More common use of card design. Card-like shapes in the page allow users to visually select portions of information, sort of like choosing from among a set of cards. With cards, the information is presented in a neat grid that is aesthetically pleasant and does not look cluttered. This allows the reader to get small bites of the information before deciding to delve into the full content. Cards are versatile and are easily adaptable for desktop or mobile screens.

–          Use of neutral colors and shades of one main color. The latest blog design makes use of a strong main color. Various shades of this color are used for the different design elements and are set against a background using a neutral color.

–          Interactive storytelling. Now, simple text is not enough. To engage readers, you need to tell a story – and make it so that the reader can interact with the content. The interaction can be done with the use of animation or elements that respond to hovering.

–          Richer backgrounds. Instead of using a plain color or a static image as the background, you can attract the reader’s eye with HD video backgrounds. This makes the page more interactive and make for more interesting and effective calls to action. Background videos can help you present more information – of your products, services or your company’s story.

–          Scrolling rather than clicking. Take the pain out of navigation by compressing content into fewer pages. This goes well with the rising trend of one-page scrolling and signals the death of the “above the fold” technique. With one-page scrolling, you can more effectively tell your story in an interactive manner, especially for tablet and smartphone users. This will mean lengthier home pages.

–          Upwardly responsive. Responsive design has been at the forefront of the latest in web design. However, this year will see the rise not just of web designs that automatically adjust its screen resolution for tablets and smartphones. This year will also see responsive design geared towards bigger screens.

–          Ghost buttons. Rather than have a button that has a clearly delineated design, buttons are transparent and keep the existing background and are only indentified by subtle lines. It also makes use of light sans-serif fonts and hover animation. This makes for a simpler layout that looks less cluttered.

–          Flexible and larger typography. The latest web designs will feature large text so that readers can easily read it at a glance. The text may also be programmed to be responsive, depending on the screen size as well as the distance the text is read – whether at arm’s length or at room length.

–          Microinteractions. As pages are becoming flatter, this is compensated by microinteractions. These are mainly subtle animations in various areas of the page. This can be a button that responds and moves when you hover over it, a section where you can enter information or animations that respond when you open a window.

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Going with the trends is a way of responding to the changes in consumer behaviors and needs. Adaptivity Pro is your partner in adapting the latest trends to your website and ensuring that the implementation is smooth and problem-free. Adaptivity Pro is your trusted Utah web design provider. You can also turn to us for other web-based needs such as Utah SEO, Social Media Marketing and Pay-Per-Click.


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