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What to Do If Your Website is Hacked


After you have made serious efforts in your web design, SEO and security, it can be disconcerting to discover that it has fallen prey to malicious and even criminal acts of unscrupulous website programmers.

Website hackers can:

Your website is one way that you present yourself to your customers. When readers look into your hacked website, they will get the impression that your company is not secure and therefore, not to be trusted. This is especially distressing when your customers use the website to conduct important transactions with your company.

Here are some things you can do when you discover that your website has been a victim of hacking:

Website security is an important area in SLC web design and building. AdaptivityPro offers a team of expert web designers and programmers who are adept at building robust and protected websites. AdaptivityPro also boasts of specialists in Utah SEO and other web-based services.


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