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Website Re-design Questions

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself if you are doing a website re-design.

Website Refresh Items

  1. Define value from customer’s perspective and multiple personas.
  2. Focus on emotion.
  3. Focus on end-benefits (from all clients)
  4. What are the customer’s real needs/wants?
  5. “Why should I buy from you?”
  6. What other options are there?  Address them.
  7. How is your product and company different from others?
  8. What process does the client go through to buy the product/service?
  9. What information do they need to know before they buy?
  10. Establish trust!
  11. Identify clearly points-of-action.
  12. Internal linking!  Link keywords to relevant pages.
  13. Find “hidden area” – information they are looking for that they can not find anywhere else.
  14. How? Why? Who? What?
  15. Be relevant – address needs, values, beliefs.
  16. Make copywriting personal!  “you” not “We” – address feelings.
  17. Establish confidence!  Use emotion to appeal.
  18. Scanning – use headings, quotes, links, bullet lists.
  19. Homepage – communicate UVP and get them to click deeper.

Taking-Action Factors

  1. Brand, Trust, Perceived Value, Usability, Navigation, Policies, Offer, Price, Copywriting, Competition

Generating Leads

  1. Time is precious to clients, value it and get their attention by showing how you can help their business by speaking in their terms.
  2. Questions potential clients have:
    1. How will this service help my company?
    2. We’re doing okay, why do we need it?
    3. Is there another company out there that is better?
    4. Will their solution really work?  Can they prove it?
    5. Is the company credible?
    6. Can we afford it?
  3. Focus on the positive aspects, not negative pain points.  Ask the client ‘where do you want to be after this project?’
  4. Use stories and case studies to communicate with your leads.
  5. Increase the likelihood of closing deals:
    1. Design marketing communications for each phase of the sales cycle, from awareness through consideration to purchase.
    2. Focus your marketing efforts on points in the buying process where high potential prospects are leaving.
    3. Increase face-face time you have with clients.
    4. Track marketing leads that close.