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Website Relaunching and SEO: How to Do Both Effectively

Relaunching your website is not just a simple matter of doing a redesign (a facelift, if you may). If your business and website are successful and growing, a relaunch may be called for. Your business growth and needs may already outgrow the current website set-up. You may be adding different products and divisions or need to integrate security and a new database. Whatever the case, structural changes in your website will have effects on your current SEO rankings.

If you do not have a well-planned outline that carefully considers all the ramifications of each step of the relaunch, you may stand the risk of suffering from a steep drop in ranking after the launch, especially if you are moving to a new URL or a new content management system.

Here are some items you should consider to avert a possible SEO disaster after a website relaunch:


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To forestall any issues with your website relaunch, it is highly recommended to have a Utah SEO expert at the very start of the project. The expert will help in the planning, implementation and testing phase to minimize any loss of SEO equity. Aside from this, Adaptivity Pro also offers you a team of experts in the area of Utah web design, Internet marketing and social media marketing.


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