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What Consumers Look For In User-Friendly Web Designs

When a consumer lands on a website, there are several immediate questions that enter his/her mind. These may include:

People always visit a website with a specific goal in mind, and it’s important that goal be achieved within the first several seconds.

In general, companies that have good Utah web design receive higher ratings by consumers. The following are a list of questions that consumers should be able to easily answer after viewing a website for 10 seconds.

It’s extremely important that a company’s web design convey a distinct message within seconds. This message should tie together an easy-to-use layout, hierarchy, site navigation, color schemes, typography, content and media. These elements should seamlessly blend, helping a company tell a visual story that is understood within seconds. The challenge is getting consumers to continue forward into a website, instead of backing out and going to the next search result. For this reason, having a professional Utah web design that highlights the benefits of the company and/or products is essential to online advertising and generating business revenues.

Adaptivity Pro, a Utah SEO company, stays on top of the latest Internet marketing strategies and trends, ensuring their clients are always on the edge of cutting technology. Whether it’s incorporating branding, blogs, social networks, forums, RSS feeds, podcasts or text messaging, they look at the big picture for clients, with the ultimate goal being to increase exposure and profits.

They also understand the importance of rich SEO content. Their SEO experts focus on strategic SEO placement throughout SLC web design, helping to ensure the ultimate website exposure. The SEO process can be extremely complicated, which is why it’s often better left in the hands of an expert SLC SEO design team. For example, SEO involves abundant research, analysis, identifying select keywords, coding and implementation, copywriting, site performance and speed, marketing and link building and rankings reports with advanced tracking.

By implementing advanced web design strategies, companies retain their competitive marketing edges.


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