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What’s New with Magento Connect?

Magentooffers two primary eCommerce platforms. Magento Enterprise was designed for medium to large sized businesses and enables merchants to build and run a large top notch company. It contains everything business owners need to set up their website and run it. From inventory management to optimizing pages for SEO purposes, the creators of Magento have seemingly thought of everything.

Magento Go is less expensive and geared toward smaller businesses but still allows you to manage a huge inventory, take payments, manage blogs and optimize all content so that you can maintain high rankings. The software can be integrated into Facebook, eBay or other social media platforms and applications.

User Friendly Applications

Both Magento products are user friendly, however the company, which was recently bought by the eBay Corporation, does offer online training. Training is offered for the casual user as well as the professional who would like to obtain Magento certification and prices for training vary depending upon the level.

Magento Connect is touted as the world’s extension marketplace and it offers users thousands of extensions that enhance their user experience. For instance, the WordPress Integration extension is free to download and allows you to integrate your WordPress blog with your Magento store. Some extensions let you integrate your store with other applications while others improve the customer experience of a site visitor. Of course, there are a number of extensions that can improve your site rankings and visibility and even increase your traffic and conversions.

Personalize your Online Experience

All Magento products were created to be very easy to customize and flexible to use. With a rich set of features, the Magento line of eCommerce products is quickly becoming the standard for internet retail stores and businesses. Magento Connect is rapidly becoming an excellent tool for enhancing your Internet store and marketing campaign.

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