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Win and Keep Online Customers with Special Offers

Giving discounts, offers and limited-time deals are excellent marketing tools that let you win new customers, keep the existing ones loyal and improve conversions. In today’s competitive world of online retail, it pays to have a solid strategy that includes discounts and deals.

A word of caution, though. These deals need to be carefully thought-out. You need to look at how it can potentially cut on your margins. Special offers can also have a negative effect if you are not careful. Your offers may also end up “cannibalizing” potential sales. Your online customers may put their purchases on hold, as they await the latest offer. They may also just purchase to meet minimum requirements and then put off other purchases to make the most of the offer. Your special offers must also complement your brand. Giving out regular discounts may even be detrimental to your brand, giving the perception that it is not a popular brand or have poor-quality products.

That said, there are still ways and means for you to use online deals while avoiding potential negative effects. What is important is to first set out the specific goals of the offer. This enables you to choose the right offer, the duration and the terms and conditions of the offer.

Here are some of the special deals you can offer:

When presenting the special deal or offer, be sure that the terms and conditions are clearly set out. This can include the minimum purchase amount, products that are included or not included in the offer, as well as the time frame of the deadline. Be sure to set a cap on any discounts, so that the discount does not exceed a maximum threshold.


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