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Working with Seo Plugins for WordPress

With so many businesses and individuals today managing their own WordPress blog, it’s no wonder that there are hundreds of new SEO plugins for WordPress. You can quickly and easily handle all your SEO chores simply by downloading the right plugins. Some of these are free and some do cost a little but when you consider how easy to use these plugins are, you’ll quickly realize that you can’t find a much better return on your investment.

For 2012, WordPress has created some really outstanding plugins that should make maintaining your website and your blogs simple and effortless. Below we take a look at a few of the newest and best WordPress SEO plugins available.

SEO Ultimate

This is on everyone’s favorite list because it gives you the ability to control so many features. You can have control over things like meta tags, rich snippets, title tags, slugs, canonical and so much more. WordPress is calling this the “all in one SEO plugin” and it really does offer more than past versions.

Google XML Sitemaps

This is a great SEO plugin that will generate an XML sitemap so the crawlers can more easily find your blog. This is something many bloggers miss and it does make it much easier for search engines to index your blog when you have a great sitemap. If you want good rankings then this is an essential plugin.

Pingback Optimizer

This is a powerful link building plugin that notifies search engines whenever another blog links to you. This automated link building plugin increases the effectiveness of a backlink building campaign by placing a pingback into an RSS feed for submission to RSS directories. Many WordPressusers believe this is one of the best SEO backlink building tools out there.

cbnet Ping Optimizer

Many bloggers don’t realize that each time you press edit, publish, save or continue editing while working on a blog, it generates a ping notification. This plugin can keep your blog from being considered a ping spammer by search engines.

Automatic SEO links

This plugin will automatically link any word or phrase to a webpage. Simply select the word or phrase that you want to link and then the URL, Target, Title, and Anchor Text you are linking to.

Redirection Plugin

This plugin will keep track of your 404 errors and automatically correct them. It also manages 301 redirects and generates a log of all activity. It creates an automatic redirection each time you change the URL of a post as well.

Most busy bloggers just don’t have the time to manage their blogs and website. They simply can’t give them the time and work necessary to stay high in the page rankings. You are missing out on fans, visitors and revenue from ads if you don’t stay on top with all your SEO best practices.

That’s where Adaptivity Pro can help. We have many years of experience working on big and small websites. We are the premier Utah SEO expert and we even offer Utah web design and PPC ad campaigns. We can handle everything from start to finish or we will simply build you a great website that you’ll be proud of and you can handle the day to day maintenance. We offer flexible plans at affordable prices so that you can build the site of your dreams and keep it high on the SERP’s.

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