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Yellowstone Holiday (

Just at the edge of Yellowstone National Park (15 minutes away), Yellowstone Holliday provides a peaceful and blissful base camp as nature lovers enjoy the outdoors. It welcomes visitors from Memorial Day to Labor Day and has time and again proven to be the perfect entry point into one of Mother Nature’s gifts to the world.

Lodging. Camping in Yellowstone National Park or nearby has never been easier or more comfortable! Visitors can opt to drive their RV to the campground and park or take a rest in the wood cabins.

Outdoor activities. A grand Yellowstone family vacation will not be complete without indulging in the outdoor activities that the Yellowstone area has to offer. Yellowstone Holiday itself provides a wide playground for families and friends to enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as volleyball and tetherball. You can also drive to Yellowstone National Park to commune with nature through trekking, horseback riding or biking. There are a number of trails provided.

Wildlife watching. The National park is the natural habitat of a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, moose, elk, bison and even foxes and coyotes. There is also some mention of grizzly bear or wolf sightings, but these happen only rarely. Birdwatchers will also enjoy looking out for herons, osprey, pelicans, sand hill cranes, western grebes, as well as the majestic bald and golden eagles.

Water fun. Yellowstone Holiday’s marina at Hebgen Lake can be an excellent starting point for water sports. Aside from world-class fishing, white-water rafting, water skiing, canoeing or kayaking is also available.

Historical and cultural tours. Yellowstone National Park also boasts of historical and cultural treasures such as the historic Virginia City, which captures the gold mining era of the Old West. One can also explore Native American trails and hunting grounds.

Yellowstone Holiday also has a general store, facilities for laundry, connecting to the internet, as well as for bathing.  There is also a cooking facility for parties and meetings.


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